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Release Management Services

In today's fast-paced environment, staying up-to-date with vendor offerings is not just an option but a necessity. This is particularly true for large-scale enterprise systems like RevOps, which are crucial to managing a company's revenue stream. Recognizing this imperative, our firm offers Release Management Services as part of our overall Managed Service offering. The primary purpose of these services is to ensure seamless integration of vendor-released product upgrades into our clients' production systems.

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  • Release Impact Testing: Our Managed Services team remains steadfast in our commitment to ensuring our clients with a seamless transition during every vendor software release. Our release impact testing is an important first step in our Release Management Service, and underscores our focus on providing continuity of service in the face of inherent technology evolution.
  • Release Mitigation Planning: By helping you anticipate and prepare for changes, whether sudden modifications or upgrades planned for the coming months, we enable you to maintain business as usual even when your software environment is anything but usual.
  • Release Notes Preparation: Timely preparation and distribution of release notes as part of our Release Management Services is not just about staying updated; it's about partnering with a team that values precision, foresight, and your long-term operational success.
  • Release Upgrade Support: As part of the Release Upgrade Support, our Managed Services team will monitor the vendor release activities to ensure that they occur as planned and at the prescribed time. Following the vendor upgrade, our team will apply the planned and documented changes to the production system stipulated in the approved Release Notes that we prepare, and perform post-release testing to ensure system stability.
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