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  • 100,000 + Line Code Library: Our development engagements have allowed us to build a code library housing over 100,000 lines of code that encompasses key features and capabilities for major RevOps solution platforms like SAP and Salesforce. This library allows us to quickly transition tried-and-true code into your solution with minimal customization.
  • Pre-Built Integrations: Master Data is the driving source for all RevOps transactions. By leveraging pre-built integrations to your Master Data applications like ECC or S/4, we can easily automate the flow of the data into newly integrated C4C, CPQ, and Cloud solutions.
  • Accelerator Suite: The Accelerator Suite includes pre-built turnkey solutions that are ready to stand up at any juncture with only a few tweaks for your business needs. This helps to simplify the engagement, mitigate risks, and drive ROI for your project.
  • Deep Coding Language Expertise: Our team of RevOps Solutions Experts draws from a deep breadth of knowledge across many coding languages including Python, Node.js, C#, Salesforce Apex, Javascript, and T-SQL. We pair this knowledge with ever-evolving coding standards to provide technical excellence in every engagement.

Why Choose Our Technical Services?

Strategic Services to Guide You from Initial Selection to Peak Performance

  • Holistic Approach to Technical Service Delivery: Our holistic approach ensures continuity, coherence, and the utmost quality, ensuring that your solution synergistically contributes to your overarching business goals. With us, you're not just leveraging a service; you're embracing an integrated experience that is carefully orchestrated for success at every juncture. Trust in our end-to-end expertise to bring transformative results.
  • Specialized Expertise with RevOps Products and Tech: We bridge the gap between the nuanced challenges of the Quote-to-Cash process and the technical solutions that optimize it. Trust in our experience to transform your Quote-to-Cash journey from a routine process to a strategic advantage. Partner with the best and let our specialized expertise be the catalyst for your operational excellence.
  • Specialized Expertise with SAP Products and Tech: With years of SAP experience under our belt, our team is skilled at implementing, customizing, and integrating SAP cloud solutions with SAP's flagship ECC and the transformative S/4 ERP products. Our deep understanding of these platforms means we can optimize their potential, ensuring your enterprise operates with unmatched efficiency and agility.
  • Specialized Expertise with Next-Gen Dev Tools: In today's dynamic market, innovation is paramount. Our specialized expertise with cutting-edge development tools, ensures that your enterprise stays ahead of the innovation curve. Our team's proficiency with low-code platforms coupled with our mastery of Microsoft Azure, yields scalable and secure solutions that don't just help you keep pace with the future, they help you to define it.
  • Partnership Approach with Client Teams: At Boston Harbor Consulting, collaboration isn't just a buzzword - it's the ethos at the heart of our service delivery. We understand that every client's journey is unique. Whether you're seeking "white-glove" Technical Services, where we manage end-to-end implementation, or a "staff-augmentation" strategy, supplementing your team with our niche expertise, we're here to support you.
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Technical Services

Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Learn how our adept, experienced consulting team swiftly prototypes solutions by leveraging proven architectural patterns and strategies.

Deployment Services

Deployment Services

Learn how the ultimate success of any quote-to-cash project is determined in large part by the smoothness of its production deployment.

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