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Incident Management Services

As enterprises implement increasingly sophisticated systems to manage the RevOps function, the importance of effective application Managed Services is vital to providing continuity to revenue operations. At the core of our service delivery is the commitment to minimize system downtime and business disruption. When every minute of downtime counts, our Managed Services are designed to safeguard your system with the continuity and stability you need to allow you to focus on more important operational objectives

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  • Break/Fix Support: Our Incident Management Services prioritize keeping stakeholders informed at every stage of incident resolution. We achieve this through a structured communication process that ensures information clarity and enables businesses to make informed decisions when faced with disruptions.
  • Service Level Agreements: Having clarity on support expectations, particularly with enterprise quote-to-cash systems is crucial. Our Managed Service agreements are governed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) designed to establish a common understanding of the quality of service you can expect when working with our firm.
  • Global Coverage: Boston Harbor Consulting's approach to Incident Management is holistic. It's a blend of availability across the globe, speed as defined by our SLAs, and an unyielding commitment to ensuring that our enterprise clients have their systems running smoothly, regardless of the hour or location. It is this synergy that defines our top-tier Incident Management services, making them both reliable and resilient in the face of global operational challenges.
  • Tier 1/2 Support Models: Recognizing our clients' diverse needs and internal resources, we offer Tier 1 and Tier 2 support services as part of our Managed Services. This dual-tiered approach allows us to tailor our support to each client's unique requirements and preferences, reinforcing our commitment to the seamless operation of your production system.
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