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Enhancement Services

Migrating systems to production is never the end of the journey, in fact, it's really just the beginning. As part of our Managed Services offering, our post-production Enhancement Services are tailored to match the fluid nature of your business requirements, providing you with the solution extensibility services that you need. Our Enhancement Services reflect our commitment to your business's success and adaptability in a dynamic marketplace.

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Enhancement Services Deliverable

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Design Services
  • Flexible Resource Allocation: Our flexibility with resource allocation models positions our firm as your adaptable partner, ready to pivot in line with your evolving demands. Engage with Boston Harbor Consulting and experience a partnership molded to your needs.
  • New Feature Development: Incorporating new functionality into your existing system is about elevating the strategic capability of your business, ensuring your system not only meets but anticipates and adapts to changing market demands. With our extensive experience in the quote-to-cash domain and depth of technical expertise, we will assist with seamlessly integrating new features without disrupting ongoing operations
  • Documentation Maintenance: We understand that many of our client industries are mandated to maintain detailed, current documentation for compliance purposes. Falling short can not only lead to punitive actions but can also tarnish an organization's reputation. Our dedication to accurate system documentation reinforces our commitment to empower your team with clarity, continuity, and confidence.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Our approach to technical training isn't just about 'how-to's—it's about building a sustainable model for your team to grow and adapt. By investing in your team's expertise, we're investing in the continued success and efficiency of the solutions we deploy for you.
Design Services

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