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Project Readiness

Conducting a Project Readiness Assessment prior to commencing a full implementation project is a strategic step that ensures your preparedness for a seamless transformation. Our Project Readiness Rapid Assessment accelerates project success by facilitating alignment with scope, stakeholders resources , and ROI to drive better outcomes. Don't leave your project's success to chance; let our team guide you from potential pitfalls and steer you toward success.

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Assessment Deliverable

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Project Readiness
  • Stakeholder Alignment: Through focused discussions, workshops, and collaborative sessions, we engage stakeholders to align their expectations and objectives to foster a sense of ownership and commitment among stakeholders. This crucial early alignment sets the foundation for a cohesive implementation, reducing potential roadblocks and enhancing outcome.
  • Scope Alignment: We'll delve into your requirements to evaluate whether the scope is sufficiently defined or if further exploration is necessary. We'll carefully compare project objectives versus planned timeline to provide a recommendation on feasibility. Drawing from our vast library of pre-written user stories, we'll make sure important features are considered.
  • Resource Alignment: We evaluate the availability and expertise of your team to convey a schedule for when contributors with the necessary “tribal knowledge” will be needed throughout the project. We'll engage with business and technology resources to explain their pivotal roles within each phase of the project to pave the way for smooth execution.
  • ROI Alignment: We guide you through the formulation of a robust ROI formula. We assist in the definition of project objectives for boosting efficiency, reducing costs, driving revenue growth, and enhancing customer experiences to quantify these objectives into measurable metrics that align with the ROI calculation. We'll help to gather comprehensive data on both costs and benefits to construct a sturdy framework to accurately evaluate project success.
Project Readiness

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