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Experience innovation effortlessly with our cutting-edge solutions that center around the power of low-code development and precision-driven point solutions. By harnessing the efficiency of low-code platforms to streamline your development process, or targeted point solutions to address specific challenges, ensuring a tailored and effective approach is our specialty. Elevate your sales operations, enhance user experience, and achieve your goals seamlessly with our forward-thinking solutions.

Pricing Optimization & Management

Solutions with PriceFX

CRM & Marketing Automation

Implementation and Customization for Salesforce, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP CRM (On-Premise)

E-Commerce Portal

Solutions with SAP Commerce Cloud

Low-Code App

Solutions with Mendix, Microsoft PowerApps, Salesforce Platform

Sales Performance Management

Solutions with SAP Commissions and Xactly

RevOps Solutions

With SAP CPQ, Salesforce CPQ, and Conga

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Revolutionize Your Success : Unveiling Our Services Methodology - A Holistic Journey from Assessment to Support

Welcome to our consulting firm, your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of enterprise solutions. As an esteemed SAP CPQ partner, we have expanded our expertise into various applications, including SAP Commerce, SAP Commissions, and PriceFx, with a strong foothold in Salesforce implementations. Our comprehensive services are structured into three main categories: Assessment Services, Technical Services, and Managed Services. These pillars serve as the foundation for executing nimble, fast-paced mini-projects and in-depth analyses. Leveraging our wealth of experience across various systems, particularly in quote-to-cash processes, we are adept at finding tailored solutions for our clients. Explore the possibilities with our consultancy, where innovation meets expertise for seamless business transformations.

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Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Set the Stage for Success with our High Impact Rapid Assessment Services

Every successful project starts with a robust strategy. We don't just dive into application development or implementation; we take the time to understand your current technological landscape with its strengths, and areas of opportunity. Our Assessment Services are curated to provide clarity and direction. Whether you're uncertain about the right software selection, gauging the readiness of a solution, need a tangible proof of concept, or seeking ways to optimize your current implementation, our Rapid Assessment Engagements will illuminate the path forward. Each of our four signature assessments offers insights that are actionable, strategic and relevant to your organization.

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BHC Methodlogy

Boston Harbor Consulting Methodology

Elevating Businesses Through Innovative Solutions: Where Vision Meets Precision in Every Line of Code


At BHC, we follow a hybrid methodology approach encompassing the best of waterfall and agile. The assessment portion of our methodology is a crucial first step that paves the way for a successful implementation. During this phase, we assess project readiness and align on crucial business value objectives without taking time away from your critical resources. From this phase, we move into the "Prepare” phase, where governance and escalation paths and tenant preparation activities are established. Both "Assess” and "Prepare" are critical milestones before moving into the more fluid portion of the implementation - the Agile portion. During "Discover," we hold workshops with business users and SMEs to understand the as-is and to-be business processes. Through our collaborative workshops, we talk through the pain points and bottlenecks and define the solution design. Our deliverables at the end of "Discover" are pixel-perfect wireframes and a detailed Vision & Scope document. Together, these deliverables empower our customers to make informed decisions about their transformation projects.

The agile "build-within-a-build” implementation phase allows for an iterative approach where feedback is welcome at every step. We firmly believe early feedback from subject matter experts de-risks the project and improves success rates. Our implementation sprints aim to deliver the highest-risk features early in the project timeline to demonstrate technical and functional feasibility as soon as possible! We do this by architecting our solutions from the ground up and building upon a solid foundation and table structure, creating performant and scalable solutions that grow with your business needs.

This methodological approach creates an environment of transparency and incorporates quality checkpoints every step of the way, from the implementation to the testing phases, to production go-live. This cyclical process repeats itself with iterative releases of new features over a shorter timeline, which shortens wait times and leads to satisfied users. We have a proven track record for success, from system support to innovative new features. Our projects run on time and on budget. We are confident in our capabilities and team and put forth the best in revenue operations.

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Talk to an ExpertUnlock Your Business Potential: Connect with a RevOps Expert Today! Explore our cutting-edge services and contact us for a personalized consultation. Your success starts with expert guidance!


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