Our organization operates with data and business logic flowing within the enterprise, in the cloud, and at customer touchpoints using devices at the edge of the network. These devices often leave the organizational boundaries with new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrating IoT devices with on-premise and cloud-based enterprise data is becoming increasingly important for organizations to make sound business decisions. BHC provides IoT platform integration services to connect enterprise data across various nodes to create a holistic, contextual view of operational and user data.


The IoT platforms built by BHC are created to craft, deploy and consume industrial IoT Applications. To make 'things' intelligent, it is important to have a scalable framework with not just smart and complex but reliable connected solutions. Our embedded experts deliver robust application development solutions with the right storage, analytics, and security platforms for various system requirements. We shall unveil the true value of IoT data with the help of purpose-built IoT platforms since it gives us access to real-time and actionable intelligence. Our team covers application development services for mobile, web, standalone and cloud ecosystems.


The IoT framework facilitates vendors to adopt emerging IoT technology and deploy it in the shortest time possible. With the help of the BHC IoT framework, vendors will be able to decrease the time it takes to develop products and services based on the Internet of Things. The BHC IoT framework enriches products, allowing them to discover other devices, maintain connectivity, transmit data and manage that data intelligently. The IoT framework by BHC is built upon a secure foundation where security, identity and data permissions are given top priority.


We assist our clients in deploying the latest technologies with a holistic approach towards IoT to add practicality and enhance the existing Operating Systems' performance. Offerings from consulting & design services as System Enablers; to development, integration & implementation services as System Integrators, we provide the entire chain of IoT. We accumulate modules, systems, machines, processes and communication networks to build smart solutions, improve system performance with seamless integrations, and save existing operational expenditure.